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Tailored consulting solutions for customer needs

​Our services

Cyber security assessments

We perform cyber security or penetration testing in accordance with industry best practices, such as OWASP WSTG 4.2, ASVS 4.0, MSTG, OSSTMM 3, NIST, etc., providing a detailed report and a plan to address the identified vulnerabilities - for both web and mobile applications, APIs and desktop applications.

Continuous risk-based cybersecurity maintenance (CISO as a service)

We offer to take over some or all of the cyber security functions of the client's company, focusing on the biggest threats, performing periodic inspections, collecting cyber threat information, cyber incident analysis and employee training.

Social engineering, phishing services, training

We offer social engineering inspections of companies, phishing inspections, training of employees in these issues, taking into account the specifics of each company's industry. 

IT audits and consulting

We perform compliance audits in accordance with ISO / IEC 27001 and other standards and guidelines of good practice. We perform compliance audits in accordance with Cabinet of Ministers 442, FCMC No. 150, NIS2 directive, DORA (Digital Operational Resilience Act), SOC 2, PCI DSS and other regulatory enactments. We also provide other cyber security consulting as needed, such as policy and procedure development, risk assessment, business continuity modeling and development, and other services.

IT management audits

We help the client to assess the current state of IT management, taking into account industry best practices and guidelines, such as COBIT 5, ITIL 4, ISO / IEC 20000, etc. If necessary, we assess the current situation and provide a detailed plan to improve it.

IT strategy, research

We are developing a company  IT strategy, taking into account the goals and needs set by the business, as well as current events in the industry. As part of the development of an IT strategy or separately, we can perform comparisons and research of IT systems, understanding the best solution for the company's needs (summarizing both functional and non-functional requirements). 

Mergers and acquisitions IT consulting 

During the process of buying and selling companies, we offer to evaluate the existing IT infrastructure, processes, existing and planned projects, contract analysis, as well as cyber security assessment to provide full information about the current situation and required future investments, and potential cyber security threats that may be useful in the negotiation process. , determining the value of the company.

Other IT and IT management consulting

We develop functional and non-functional system requirements, system performance evaluations, support in project management and quality monitoring, etc. consultations according to the client's needs. 

Didn't find the needed one?

​Due to the wide variety of situations and services available, not all services are listed here, so we suggest you contact us using the button below to find the best solution.

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